Merger Project Management

Mergers are very much on the agenda for not-for-profits in the current climate.
A merger is a large and complex project which presents many challenging decisions.

Often overlooked in the merger process are the values, passions, concerns and attachments of the key decision-makers. It is essential that merger negotiations are facilitated by a skilled, independent person with expertise in mergers. Once the major negotiations have been settled, the merger must be project managed by someone who can provide expert guidance on the process and who is able to plan and drive the merger on a day to day basis.

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D Jamieson Consulting has experience in all aspects of project managing mergers, including facilitating initial negotiations, overseeing due diligence, project planning and managing all project streams.

Through past merger work, Debbie has developed networks with specialist providers who have proven expertise in merger work (such as lawyers, HR consultants and financial services providers). These specialists can be sourced where required to ensure that you have access to a team of experts available to support you on your merger journey.