Organisational Development

Strategic Planning

Debbie has extensive experience in facilitating strategic planning including advising on the planning process, conducting environmental scans and consultations, facilitating planning days and drafting strategic plans.

Tender Writing

Debbie has developed dozens of successful tenders and funding submissions across a range of sectors and funding providers, including government, charitable trusts, local councils and clubs.

Organisational Review

Independent reviews can be useful in a range of situations where a need for change has been identified. For example, Debbie has assisted with reviews of:

  • Organisational structure
  • Systems and processes
  • Service delivery
  • Team functioning
  • Staff skills

System Development

Systems review and development is integral to safety and quality improvement. Debbie has worked with organisations to develop and update systems such as:

  • Risk Management
  • Work Health Safety
  • Quality Management
  • Planning and Internal Reporting
  • Staff Supervision
  • Staff Performance Appraisal.

Policy Development

Debbie can assist in reviewing policies and updating and/or developing policies which are practical in the context of your organisation and which are compliant with relevant legislation and other requirements.