Conflict Management

Conflict can arise in any organisation and may involve staff, management, volunteers, clients or Board members.

Sometimes conflict arises from a straightforward disagreement about a specific issue. In other cases conflict may have become deeply entrenched within the team, pervasive and highly toxic.

Debbie is a qualified mediator and trained conflict coach and has been working in the field of conflict management since 2005. Debbie has been invited to present at conferences on the topic of workplace conflict.

If you are experiencing workplace conflict, D Jamieson Consulting can assist with:

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Independent Assessment

This generally involves one-on-one confidential interviews with the relevant parties to identify the issues and underlying causes of conflict. A written report is provided to management, identifying the causes of conflict and providing management with clear, practical recommendations and suggested interventions.


Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching provides one-on-one, confidential, personal and/or professional development under the guidance of a trained conflict coach. The coach’s role is to support and assist the coaching client to deal with a specific conflict and/or improve their conflict handling skills.


Mediation provides people who are in conflict with a supportive, structured, facilitated process for communication, to sort out issues and develop mutually acceptable solutions and agreements.