What We Offer

Conflict Management

Support with conflict management, facilitation, mediation and individual conflict coaching. Workplace conflict assessment and complaints and greivance investigation.


Skilled, outcome-focussed facilitation, useful in a range of situations where an independent facilitator is required such as planning meetings, negotiations, consultations and team building.

Merger Project Management

Facilitating initial negotiations, overseeing due diligence, project planning and managing all project streams.

Training/Professional Development

Training delivered at your workplace on a range of topics relating to management and leadership skills, personal work skills, communication and conflict resolution.  Training can be tailored to a wide range of audiences and formats.  The style is interactive to maximise engagement and learning.  Individual and small group coaching and mentoring is also available.

Organisational Development

Asssistance with organisational reviews, strategic and business planning, system and policy development, change management, preparation for quality review/accreditation, project management (including mergers), and tender writing.

Preparation for Quality Review/Accreditation

Identifying applicable quality standards for your current and future services, interpreting requirements and application, gap analysis preparation, systems, policies and procedures development, and facilitation and drafting of self-assessment documents.